The change is duty of us all Paul Chehade Lets Know About it

My group and I will keep battling to address individuals with poise, ethic and crucial regard, remembering the necessities and desires of the residents of our country without separation of any sort.

Time is expiring, we need your assistance today!.

I need to clarify that this country, the United State of America was established by individuals and for individuals; this incorporates both the rich and poor people.

The media just spotlights on Democrats and Republicans without thinking about the Independent, which collectively, address the 99% individuals, individuals who have been controlled however not addressed.

Without lament regarding what I should abandon in my own life, I chose to commit my opportunity to be the voice of individuals of the United State of America and manufacture a rearrangement that will restore the pride of our country and global regard, with the last objective of setting up truces and scholarly development.

Our country can’t keep on being controlled by lobbyists that purchase and control the force, it ought to be constrained by the agents of the constituents, the delegates who works for and by individuals.

The young fellows and ladies of our arm powers are our pride and we need to give them the regard they merit. Some portion of that regard is that our lawmakers don’t send them to bite the dust in silly conflicts, just to expand the abundance of weapon makers and oil organizations. President Dwight D. Eisenhower said this numerous years prior and now it is more pertinent than any other time.






We presently have Mr. Barack Hussein Obama as our President, who restricts himself to guarantees and legitimizes his absence of activity by expressing that others don’t permit him to act. With the regard that he merits, he is a public worker and on the off chance that he can’t serve individuals under any condition, he should return home and offer the chance to someone else who has the ability to work for individuals of the United State of America and has the adequate perseverance to battle for individuals, at any expense, regardless of the outcomes. Obama just thinks about his own advantages inside his gathering and multinationals.

Then again we host a Republican Gathering which has just the Tea Party’s inclinations as a main priority, and let’s be honest, the interests of the individuals who got rich during the Bush organization, and they need to continue to do this. They are squandering a bigger number of assets in the primaries than in taking care of the country’s issues. It’s humiliating.

Numerous who don’t have a clue about reality see themselves as Republicans or Democrats, this is a grave mix-up. It’s disgraceful how these two gatherings have managed our country and the remainder of the world.






I have confidence that the country’s childhood have woken up and together in this political decision, we will actually want to put this country on another and better way, on the autonomous way, a way dependent on moral and good standards, alongside permitting government the opportunity to administer liberated from inward contentions.

I’m an individual who regards you and I would prefer not to guarantee or interfere with your cravings, necessities, and substantially less with your sufferings.

The American dream has transformed into a bad dream. Who can rest smoothly contemplating obligations, bills, or all that they have lost after a long period of battles? Who can rest realizing that they need to go to the specialist without clinical protection or cash?

How would you tell a young man that they should abandon a birthday celebration or a toy? Or then again much more terrible, that they need to eat less to have the option to take care of everybody?

The American dream is presently a steady battle to remain above water, and the most vulnerable are quick to go under.